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In September 2021, we were all shocked by news of John’s passing. Our President for seven years – and twice President of the SCPF – John was a true force of nature in our Club and is sorely missed.

Involved with every activity in the Club and a huge advocate outside of it, John leaves a tremendous hole at OPC. As such we have decided to keep John’s President’s Note below to continue to talk to Members new and old.

But first, this is what John had to say for his original Member Gallery:


John's Gallery Notes

My photography is mostly driven by things which I come across in which I see interesting shapes, patterns, visual quirkiness or intrigue (what I call “delights of the eye”), and capturing these so I can share these experiences with others.

I often add some creativity in post processing to enhance the image or more properly to recreate what I felt when inspired to press the shutter.


Joined OPC: 1988

Photographic awards: LRPS, AFIAP, DPAGB

Camera brand: Nikon (SLR), Sony (compact)

Favourite lens: 24–70mm

Kit bag essential: Lens cleaner

Preferred genres: Architectural, Abstract, Environmental Portrait, Wildlife

Best advice: Keep a visual awareness about you and you’ll see lots of potential images

John's President's Note...

In 2014, after some 30 years as a member, it was a great honour for me to be invited to become President of the club.

What a great club this is!

Before I joined I really had no idea what went on in photographic clubs, so joining opened up a whole new world for me.

I was amazed at the range of activities: lectures, workshops and demonstrations, competitions, sharing of photographs, learning new techniques, finding out how to use my equipment properly, and being immersed in a friendly group of other novices and members with awesome talents, always ready to share their expertise.

And it wasn’t just technical stuff; so many members had their own special hobbies and interests, for which photography was a way to get even more enjoyment from their passion.

So it continues today. We are known to be a really friendly club, delighting in sharing our common interest, and eager to welcome new faces. One of the great things is that as a member you can get as immersed as you want to be … anywhere between just being effectively a ‘social’ member enjoying the lectures, the photographs etc. to being involved in friendly competitions, exhibitions, photographic outings, learning new technology and even gaining photographic distinctions.

There is something to suit everyone.

On a larger scale, we also take part in competitions and exhibitions within the Federation which covers the South of England, and have now progressed to be amongst the most successful clubs in the Federation. We also pride ourselves in providing a real contribution to the local community.

For me, a great joy is seeing the constant flow of fantastic photographs that our members produce. The skill, the craft, the imagination, the creativity continues to provide a freshness of ideas. Then there’s the progress we see, with some of our novices even becoming absolutely top-ranking photographers, making dreams come true!

I know that members will continue to delight and inspire. A few years ago we were all learning to embrace digital photography, and we’re still trying to keep up with all the amazing potential driven by smartphones and social media. The future is exciting, and we are excited at being part of it!

We will be delighted to welcome you as a member to share in this wonderful journey.

Hope to see you soon.

A taste of John's photography...

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