Overton Photographic Club

In memory of treasured friends

It is sadly inevitable, with a Club that has been running since 1977, that we will lose treasured friends along the way. Here we remember those we have lost in the recent past. Although it has become untenable to update the image gallery below, we still continue to remember our friends in this, our ‘memory wall’.

We remember, with great fondness:

Alan Willis (Kingfisher Man) – August 2023
David Isaacs (the last of our Club founders) – June 2023
Angela Ramsell (our adventurer with a sense of fun) – January 2022
John Hodge (ex-OPC and SCPF President) – September 2021
Brian Chivers (our highly regarded bird photographer) – June 2021
Keith Biggs (Club pioneer, educator and AV enthusiast) – Spring 2021

A sample of photographic works

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