Overton Photographic Club

Awards night

Black and white portrait of the photographer's father

Awards night. The scores on the doors please, Anthea…

2019/20 Best of (Last) Year Competition

On Friday, 18th September, we all joined our Zoom meeting to witness the presentation and judging of our ‘My Best of Year’ competition – a traditional annual event with prized certificates up for grabs. But this time there was a twist… this was a competition that should have run back in May and was to […]

2017/18 Results: League Round Three

Friday 16th February saw Round Three of our internal club competition season. Here are some of the photographs that came out tops on the night – Members can check out the results spreadsheet in the Members Area. Just download it to your computer and toggle to your preferred view.

Results: League Round Two

Friday December 8th heralded Round Two of our competition season. The judge for the evening was Andrew Mills, a professional photographer and educator who has specialised in advertising, editorial and commercial work for over 30 years. Throughout the night, Andrew gave useful critique on all our images, with noticeable referencing to light and adding narrative to our […]

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