Overton Photographic Club

Awards night

Friday May 20th may have been the last meeting of our season, but it was also our first face-to-face event since March 2020. Many members, partners and friends gathered at the Test Valley Golf Club to enjoy a three-course meal and slideshow (thanks, Allan), followed by our annual awards.

Stan was on top form, providing entertaining repartee and was a charming host to all, including our very special guest, Ann Hodge. Ann, who is very much part of the OPC family, joined us to present the awards for the inaugural John Hodge Best of Year competition. John was very much with us all, as were Brian and Angela.

With our last in-person awards night taking place three years ago, keeping track of the whereabouts of trophies has been somewhat of a challenge. Hence, this night was made all the more fun as we juggled with trophies, old and new, lost and found – then lost once more! One day we will find them all, but until then, Amanda’s shelf will be lopsided.

The night concluded with Tony sharing details of our Summer Programme (more on that soon) and the presentation of a card and bottle of fizz to our chairman, Stan, who it’s fair to say has had one heck of a year! Bottoms up!

Congratulations to our 2022 winners…

PDI League – Advanced

FIRST – Amanda Hepburn
SECOND – Nigel Bealey
THIRD – Pauline Oliver

PDI League – Intermediate

FIRST – Marina Woodward
SECOND – Christine Gibson
THIRD – Diane Jackson

Brian Chivers Trophy for Natural History – Advanced PDI

FIRST – Amanda Hepburn, Cranefly on Astrantia
SECOND – Steve Williams, Red Footed Falcon with Emperor Dragonfly
THIRD – Tony Coombes, Red Sea Smile
HIGHLY COMMENDED – Amanda Hepburn, Spotted Longhorn Hide and Seek
HIGHLY COMMENDED – Pauline Oliver, Into the Light Barn Owl
HIGHLY COMMENDED – Steve Williams, Barn Owl Hunting
HIGHLY COMMENDED – Steve Williams, English Partridge in Early Morning Light

Brian Chivers Trophy for Natural History – Intermediate PDI

FIRST – Christine Gibson, Two Bugs
SECOND – David Flanders, Mother and Child Reunion
THIRD – Marina Woodward, Stag Drinking
HIGHLY COMMENDED – Tim Horrox, Leopard

John Hodge Best of Year – Advanced PDI

FIRST – John Ort, Concentration
SECOND – Nigel Bealey, The Traction Engine Driver’s Lunch
THIRD – Pauline Oliver, End of Summer
HIGHLY COMMENDED – Amanda Hepburn, Fly with Pet Aphid
HIGHLY COMMENDED – Ian Robertson, A Knotty Problem
HIGHLY COMMENDED – Pauline Oliver, Dahlia, Hoverflies and Bee
HIGHLY COMMENDED – Virginia Langer, Typewriter

John Hodge Best of Year – Intermediate PDI

FIRST – Tim Horrox, Corfe Castle
SECOND – Tim Horrox, Lulworth Beach
THIRD – Peter Silverwood, Surprise, Surprise
HIGHLY COMMENDED – Diane Jackson, Orchid from Above
HIGHLY COMMENDED – Ian McKay, Lifelong Friends

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