Overton Photographic Club

2017/18 Results: JSM Trophy for Natural History

Our Natural History competition was run on 20 April, 2018, and judged again this year by Peter Orr.

Unlike our League competitions, where each image is given a score out of ten, the Natural History competition results in two trophy winners – one for print and one for PDI.

As well as the 1st place trophy winners, this year Peter elected to also award 2nd and 3rd places, and commend images in each category – awarding 23 images in all.

Here are the results and a selection of the winning images.

Chris PopeA Woodland WanderPRINT1st
Amanda HepburnAlienPRINT2nd
Archie WilliamsHunting KingfisherPRINT3rd
Steve WIlliamsKingfishers FightingPRINTHighly Commended
Philip YoungClub Tailed DragonflyPRINTHighly Commended
Tony CoombesHeading off to the SunsetPRINTHighly Commended
Jason HydeMonkeyPRINTHighly Commended
Damian MorrisForest TexturesPRINTHighly Commended
Brian ChiversLift OffPRINTHighly Commended
Alan WillisDiving KingfisherPRINTHighly Commended
Chris PopeWhite OutPRINTHighly Commended
Jason HydeButterfly WingPRINTHighly Commended
Steve WilliamsMuntjacPRINTCommended
Pauline OliverMorning DipPRINTCommended
Brian ChiversWasp EatingPDI1st
Steve WilliamsPair of very wet TitsPDI2nd
Chris PopeMisty WoodsPDI3rd
Steve WIlliamsGoldfinch and Spiders WebPDIHighly Commended
Jason HydeApplePDIHighly Commended
Pauline OliverIn-Flight MealPDIHighly Commended
Jason HydeBinturongPDIHighly Commended
Ken WestSwans in LovePDIHighly Commended
Tony CoombesMonster of the DeepPDIHighly Commended

Brian Chivers | Wasp Eating
Amanda Hepburn | Alien
Chris Pope | Misty Woods
Steve Williams | A Pair of Very Wet Tits
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