Overton Photographic Club

AV software update

A few weeks ago, John Hodge alerted us to the fact that Proshow, the software of choice for many Audio-Visual Clubs, seems to be discontinued.

Indeed, a look on their website reveals the notice: ‘Photodex Corporation permanently closed on January 31, 2020’.

But never fear… as a replacement, John has found Photostage to be a good option.

While you can pay for a ‘full version’ (Pro $80, Home $60 – but currently on offer for less) there is a free version available for personal, non-commercial use that includes most of the features and does not expire.

Where to find your free audio-visual software

To download the free version, go to this page and read the ‘Get it free’ paragraph, which has a download link.

Screenshot showing the Photostage software viewer.
Screenshot shows the Photostage console.

A further exploration of the NCH website reveals many other free software choices for you to download, including several video and audio options, so go and check it out.

If this doesn’t look like a good option for you, Photodex recommends Photopia, which is available in a couple of options, both at a monthly/yearly subscription cost.

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