Overton Photographic Club

Lockdown Fun with 5x8s

We may be in lockdown, but that’s not going to stop us from having our fun!

In the last few months the Club has started to use Zoom to take our meetings, competitions and events digital.

Introducing 5x8s

One such event was our Members’ ‘Show and Tell’ evening, known to us as a 5×8! That’s five images per photographer and eight minutes to talk about them.

An extra few minutes is generally par for the course – and some even squeeze in a few extra images!

Anything goes!

Some photographers choose a theme, others choose a technique – such as Sue Teagle and her motion-blur photography – and others choose their latest work.

The images on show at a 5×8 evening are always varied and it’s always interesting to get to know the thoughts behind the shots, which is something we rarely get to hear.

View the images

Here you can share in the 5×8 images that were shown on the night, alphabetically by photographer.

Photographer: Allan Croombs

Photographer: Christine Gibson

Photographer: Dave Tanner

Photographer: Stan Gibson

Photographer: Sue Teagle

Photographer: Tony Coombes

Photographer: Virginia Langer

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