Overton Photographic Club

Now for something completely different…

A challenge was put to the OPC members: to try something new… and the results were shown at our club meeting on Friday, 15th January. It was an eye-opening evening with about a dozen members allowing their creative juices to flow. Interestingly there was a wide range of topics with not much overlap. 

Amanda somehow managed to make plastic cutlery and bowls look interesting and dramatic. 

Sue came up with the idea of putting flowers into water, freezing it and photographing the results as the ice thawed. We also saw some images from her pinhole lens. 

David Isaacs showed us behind the scenes in his car images and I talked about the challenges of nightscape photography with some work-in-progress examples. 

Stan showed us some snowy pictures – much to the delight of Christine, who absolutely loves snow. Tristram and John both explored patterns in photography, and Philip showed us his experiments with multi exposure images of flowers. 

Virginia demonstrated the range of her brand-new fisheye lens and its capability to include her feet no matter in which direction it was pointing. 

All in all, it was an evening to stretch the imagination and give us all new ideas of things to try with our cameras. 

Check out some of the images from the evening:

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