Overton Photographic Club

Overton Scarecrow Festival Weekend

Scarecrow festival time is one of the highlights of the Overton calendar. As the village fills with people and animals stuffed with straw you are reminded once more of the creativity and sense of humour of those all around you.

Overton’s very own whacky races

Friday 15th saw the wheelbarrow race make its way through the streets in its usual style, full of suprises. Lead by a couple of gents in babygrows and followed by a wide range of themes from covid germs and WWE to toreadors, colourful dancers, a portable prison, a Scottish theme complete with kilts, cabers, rescue dogs and Nessie herself – and some very welcome tea and biscuits.

Running alongside, cameras in hand, were some folk from the club. Were you there?

Family fun days

Saturday and Sunday brought with them the Family Fun Days at the ORC’s cricket pitch on Bridge Street. As our place was only secured less than two weeks before, we had a frantic time creating new posters, postcards, business cards and a lovely new OPC banner, but it all came together in the end!

Here’s our new postcard, featuring a club favourite image from Brian Chivers who we lost last summer. Brian’s wife and daughter were very pleased to see one of his favourite images being used and thanked us for keeping his photography alive.

Across the weekend, our crew comprised Allan and Amanda, David F, David T, Srdja, Stan and Christine (and special thanks to Allan and Amanda’s other halves for lending a hand).

We made a mini exhibition of ourselves

David T’s immensely useful military-grade stands were brought out once more to give us the perfect way to display our images. These double sided boards meant we could set up images on both sides and create a mini exhibition for people to walk around.

As we didn’t have time to create labels this time, the images went up without titles and names. Due to this, many people were seen and heard mulling over where they thought an image was taken and giving their own ideas about what the picture was saying. Many interesting conversations were had.

Stan couldn’t help himself… he displayed one image upside down to see if anyone noticed!

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