Overton Photographic Club

Treasured friends

It has been a terribly sad year for OPC. After the great loss of Brian in June, we suffered the further loss of John Hodge in September and January saw us say goodbye to Angela Ramsell.

To remember our treasured friends, and some of their more recent photographic work, we have a special page here on the website, In Memoriam. Clicking on each photograph on that page will open up additional pages.

Angela Ramsell

Angela is remembered as a happy lady, always ready with a smile. She loved to travel and enjoyed getting stuck in to an adventure. Her AVs were always well received in our AV competitions and showed just how inventive she could be.

John Hodge

The consummate professional, John represented OPC in so many ways. A Club Members for 33 years, he was our President for seven years, keeping the Club on course. During this time he also took on not one, but two stints as President of the SCPF and wrote regular pages in the Test magazine.

John being filmed for our 40th Anniversary Exhibition.
John having fun at our nursery school shoot.
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